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happy passover/easter, peeps.

By HotForSure · March 30, 2010

i may be a jew, but there is one thing i religiously celebrate for easter: peeps.

the brilliant bunnies at peeps and the washington post collaborated on the sweetest of all contests: "peep show". contestants use these beloved edible animals to create intricate diagrams recreating scenes from movies, paintings, etc. for example, look at this charming scene from my favorite childhood book "goodnight moon":


check out the whole gallery and vote for the PEEPle's choice awards here:



green is the new pink.

By HotForSure · March 8, 2010

i'm all for anything natural and eco-friendly, which is why i was stoked to hear about the beverly-hills based Ec-Ooh-Chic. my skin is looking less than perfect after a crazy weekend full of day drinking, so to kick my complexion back into gear AND celebrate the arrival of spring (finally), i found this amazing papaya pumpkin enzyme mask:

this uplifting mask contains concentrated papaya and pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate and reveal a glowing complexion. neroli oil, a citrus based plant that is harvested in the spring, tones and soothes skin. mandarin and petite grain, plus soothing lavender and rose, work to brighten and renew. talk about [delicious] spring cleaning.




if i were a bag

By HotForSure · March 1, 2010

i would be the Philip Lim 3.1 Edie Bag. downtown chic black leather bag with a cute bow and rockstar gold studs.

kinda like blair waldorf finally becomes bffs with vanessa. this small shoulder has studded embellishment, a bow-shaped flap front with a mesh metal panel along center, double-stranded shoulder strap with a wider panel at top for comfort, concealed press-stud fastening, beige canvas lining, an internal zip-fastening side pocket with a leather trim and logo leather patch underneath, two internal compartments and stitched seams.

please comment on this post if you would like to donate money for this essential purchase.


i see an eclipse in the future...

By HotForSure · February 23, 2010

no, i am not referring to the third twilight movie or the lunar eclipse that will be happening this june.

as seen at the ruffian show at nyfw, lunar eclipse nails are definitly hfs.

we've seen this trend of a "reverse french manicure" come and go, but i think these are here to stay. a gold minx-like crescent at the bottom topped with black matte lacquer takes us to another fashion planet that i hopefully will be traveling to soon.


fashion week 2010. it's almost here.

By HotForSure · February 8, 2010

in preparation for one of the best weeks of the year, i would like to remind everyone of the hottest shoes to exist thus far. (that unforch will NOT be making a presence next week, as mcqueen is way too fabulous to be an american designer)



*NOTE- i wrote this weeks before the devastating suicide of alexander mcqueen. i'm leaving this post up as a tribute to one of the most talented (and my personal favorite) designers of all time.


PS- i made this.

By HotForSure · February 1, 2010

for those of you that know about belle bandeau, you know that DIY projects are my fav (if you haven't heard, visit: www.bellebandeau.com immediatily if not sooner)

check out this website that is def HFS-worthy:


Lions and Tigers and Leopards… Oh MY!  This Fall, Leopard has proven to be one of the hottest trends were following from runway to reality.  With no time to spare and a desperate need for a fabulous tote bag, I rushed to Muji (one of the greatest Japanese stores) for an inexpensive bag, snagged some fun colored Sharpie paint pens, and tape.  This chic design and Sharpie paint pens transformed my canvas bag into a chic personalized bag in minutes.  I of course looked to Louis Vuitton  and Goyard for the racing stripe inspiration! PS- PETA would totally approve of this leopard bag!

chock full of diy projects that are fashion-forward and unique. amazeballs or what!?



the king of hfs: karl.

By HotForSure · January 13, 2010

coco chanel was obviously a female, but i credit karl for keeping this institution cutting edge and a staple of the fashion industry. still mourning from my failure to obtain the coveted (and currently selling for $200 on EBay) JADE i was determined to own the latest it shade:


particuliere *disclaimer: although attempting to mimic, neither the color of this font nor the picture below give this magnificent color justice!



it can be described as a gray taupe lilac. i describe it as HFS. it is STILL available at department stores, which is also hfs.


in other chanel news, limited edition temporary tattoos (sported in chanel's ss10 show), will be available in march. leave it to karl to take something once considered 90's grunge and turn it 2010 glam. my new year's resolution? be more like karl.



By HotForSure · January 13, 2010

recently, me and my bff went to see the Kandinsky exhibit at the Gugg. braving the masses of tourists, we forged on to see one of our beloved artists.

today is the last day of the exhibition, so if you haven't gone yet, GO RIGHT NOW!

decked in pearls and dressed to the nines, we analyzed each painting noting the recurrent themes of the horseman, music, and science. here is one of my favs, one of his famous landscape portraits

xx chloe richie

love your nails, doll.

By HotForSure · January 12, 2010

as you will learn very soon, i am obsessed with nailpolish.


if i could minx my nails weekly, i would. unfortunatly, there are not enough minx patterns or money in my bank account to make this feasible. what is a girl to do!?

barbie to the rescue!

this super cute object happens to be a nail polish printer. no, you can't print out directions or photos or recipes or any of that junk. all you can print is beautiful, intricate, glorious, detailed and unique nail polish patterns.

simply prepare your fingernail for printing with the white polish and pre-print coat (both included). the built in camera takes a snapshot of your fingernail and displays it in the design window on your computer. choose a nail design and size it to fit your nail on the screen.

line your finger up with the image on the screen, press the print button and the pattern prints on your nails! apply the top coat (included) to keep the design intact, or wash it off with soap and water to start again.


and yes, this is available at your local toys 'r us.



By HotForSure · January 12, 2010

hi princesses, welcome to my blog!

after years of working in the beauty industry, and having bffs that work in fashion, interior design, and event planning, i realized i should share my knowledge of everything that is new and hot in NYC. from an insider princess perspective, of course.

so, if you want to be in the know before your frenemies, be sure to check this blog regurly! for sure.

antonoff interns.jpg